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«While listening to Steve’s stories about punk, it was like wearing skinny trousers and watching the Buzzcocks concert in 1978.»

V-Monkeys, 1997



“I was 14 years old when punk rock was born. Spread from London across the UK, it shined so brightly for 2 years and influenced everything else that was to follow thereafter. By the mid 1970s the UK was in turmoil politically and there was a lack of trust in the ruling classes: the British Empire was over and a change was needed. Culture was out-dated and boring while music had become staid. All bands were old and bloated and controlled by the labels, there was nothing that appealed to young generation. Punk was a teenage revolution. We didn’t know what we wanted but we knew we wanted something different. There were no rules in punk. The only rule was be interesting, be innovative, challenge the status quo. Don’t just say it, shout it…shout it with rage and honesty.
By 1978 it was over. Sex Pistols had sworn on prime time TV and all of a sudden the media was all over punk. This was the death knell: suddenly punk was everywhere, but it wasn’t punk, it was a watered down version, a media version invented by the tabloids. Punk was dead. Punk could never have survived. It was an explosion of creativity. Everything changed. It rewrote the rules, it was anarchy, it challenged everything.The thrash and speed and anger of punk could not be perpetuated. But the revolutionary ideas would not fizzle out, the attitude would always persist, I hear and see it everywhere. We are all punks!”
Stephen Kempson, a real Punk



For No Rules, Antoine Lie has played with an unusual leathery fragrance that represents the creative and challenging world of Punk; the metal accord reminds the massive usage of safety pins and studs very popular at the time. His melody plays the contrast between the ethereal cold notes of Aldehydes, Ether and Vinyl and the warmness of Cinnamon and Leather.


Perfumer: Antoine Lie
Concentration: 15%
Olfactory family: Aromatic Woody

  • No Rules