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«Huge screens enlighten the crowd and wash our brain: the world is connected, electricity and love are in the air!»

V-Monkeys, 1993



The nineties project us into the future. We enter the era of technology. The microchip is king, acting as the heart and brain of all data centres. TV, computers, mobile phones, anything and anyone is instantly accessible in a single click. The channel-hopping generation is born. It consumes information with every breath. A frenzy of images and sounds hard to process leads to saturation and blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction. In this noise, a band imposes itself as the voice of this generation. U2, a robotic name for this band that embraces technology into their musical journey. U2 sacralises the alliance of machines and humans. A turning point in the history of the band, the Zoo TV tour in 1992/93 encapsulates that love for technology through massive wall projections, as well as its dangers. Everything is a matter of balance. Hence the name we’ve chosen that pays homage to this alliance of humans and technology: Micro Love, complete with its own symbol, a microchip with a heart at the centre.



For Micro Love, Dominique Ropion has played with a musk, ozonic accord, in homage to the Zoo TV Tour. The fragrance is electric, abstract, aerial.


Perfumer: Dominique Ropion
Concentration: 22%
Olfactory family: Ozonic Woody

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