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«More, more and more! No rules, no limits, no boundaries, the celebration of the excess: in everyday life as on stage! Boom!»

V-Monkeys, 1980



The eighties give birth to an individualist and frenetic generation, eager to live life to the fullest. If one word could summarize this era, it would be ‘excess’. It was time to show off your car, your house, your clothes, your body. Capitalism has taken over, imposing its own set of rules: there are none. It’s the triumph of appearance over substance. This consumerist generation uses and abuses pretty much everything, always edging one step closer to overdose. Life has become a stage, a theatre of exuberance. This frenetic generation expects this be reflected in the craziest music shows ever. One band manages to navigate the ferocious competition with brio and becomes the best live band in the history of pop music. Its name couldn’t have been better, perfectly fitting with an époque that crowns its divas: Queen. With the incredible showman Freddy Mercury, Queen gains legendary status while their theatrical performances showcase the most extravagant outfits in an endless variety of vibrant sounds, shapes and colours. But beyond the extravagance, they deliver a message: you can transcend all singularities.



For Use Abuse, Antoine Lie has played with a Floriental - as molecular, impetuous, vibrant and energizing as Queen’s theatrical shows and innovative music. Based on tuberose, sandalwood and jasmine sambac, the fragrance is an overdose, a symbol of this excessive generation.


Perfumer: Antoine Lie
Concentration: 18%
Olfactory family: Floriental

  • Use Abuse