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«Greenery all around, old trees roots deep in the ground, happy people, free smiles, waves tumbling in the ocean, everything surrounded by bubble chords that lead everybody to dance in a flow of emotions: hope, freedom, energy, mysticism…just lose yourself in the beauty of the rhythm.»

V-Monkeys, 2003



Reggae music is one of the few folk music that is still alive today and it is inspired by everyday life experiences. Since its birth, reggae music has been Jamaica’s emotional outlet, to express thoughts and feelings about life, love and religion, without any outside interference. During the period of reggae’s development, a connection grew between the music and the Rastafarian movement, which encouraged the relocation of the African diaspora to Africa and endorsed the sacramental use of Marijuana. Rastafarianism advocates equal rights and justice and draw on the mystical consciousness of kumina, an earlier Jamaican religious tradition that ritualized communication with ancestors.

Reggae music is created with incredible amounts of soul and pride, transformed in melody through a strongly accentuated offbeat. It is more than just music: it is a way of life for those who live in Jamaica and many others around the world. It is a powerful social force that represents the pressures of everyday life putting them into words which describe, reveal and persuade the people that listen to its powerful messages. The names and styles of reggae have changed over the years but the traditions and intentions of the music have not. The amazing thing about this style of music is that it stretches the globe with its popularity.



For Green Bubble, Julien Rasquinet has played an earthy and mystic yet offbeat melody of notes. The scent of Jamaican green vegetation and smoky woods meet the intriguing and spiritual memory of incense & magic leaves.


Perfumer: Julien Rasquinet
Concentration: 20%
Olfactory family: Woody Oriental

  • Green Bubble